Smart packaging For Travel Camping  

Without Travel Camping buddies to carry part of the load, you need to master the art of packing in moderation. Check two or three times that you have all the essentials (no one will loan you what you forget), but keep it simple. Start with our final printable package list and divide it according to your needs. Having extra water is never a bad thing. But if you’re Travel Camping near a water source (which you have to do anyway). You can mostly rely on a small water filter like a Life Straw or cleaning tablets instead of lugging around the recommended 5 gallons per day.

Keeping a large supply of food is also important, and you’ll want to protect your rations from bears, raccoons, and other curious critters. Although bulky, bear containers are worth extra weight to keep animals out of food, garbage, and other fragrant items. If you’re planning a long solo Travel Camping trip, consider Travel Camping instead so you can store extra supplies in your car.

Travel Camping

Alert a friend For Travel Camping

You want to do this Travel Camping solo, we understand it and we admire you for it. But as nice as it is to fall off the net sometimes, it’s not wise to do it while Travel Camping alone. In an emergency, there must be someone who knows where you are. You don’t have to tell everyone. Just choose one or two faithful friends at home. Give them your itinerary (yes, it’s also a good idea to create a detailed itinerary with details of planned hiking trails. Water sources, elevation gain, where you sleep, landmarks – the goal is to reduce risk). Make a plan to check in at certain times of the day and decide ahead of time what your friend should do if you don’t respond.

Think beyond the traditional tent For Travel Camping

Tents are great for groups, but for a party in one they can be unnecessarily bulky. And annoying (it is much easier to set one up with help). Instead, look for lighter alternatives like the ones that are popular with backpackers. Is there a favorable climate on the horizon? Maybe all you need is a tarp and a sleeping bag or a beehive. Do you need a little more support? Single room hammocks and tent exchange are solid options. Also, the designs become more luxurious. Backpackers swear by the War bonnet Outdoors Blackbird Hammock (pictured above). It’s super roomy, holds its shape so you can sleep comfortably on your back, and it’s easy to set up.