First travel camping trip according to the experts

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In a special report on travel camping and COVID-19, Campgrounds of America, Inc. found. And the North American camp reports that one-third of travelers are intereste in taking their first travel camping trip. However, planning any type of trip for the first time can be overwhelming.

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First, I want to dispel the myth that there is only one way to camp. My first travel camping experience was glamming upstate New York in a yurt with meals and Wi-Fi, which people say me was “not really a camp. My other travel camping experience was in Estes Park. Colorado, where we hiked over a mile to our campground in Rocky Mountain National Park with no amenities, ate spaghetti and meatballs. And spent the night in a tent under the stars.


As a black woman, I always thought that travel camping was not for people who looked like me, but my perspective changed after these trips and I would be travel camping again in no time. Even my limited experience shows that there are many levels of travel camping. And you can explore which options give you the most comfort and cultivate a positive experience for yourself.

First travel camping trip according to the experts

Danielle Williams, founder of and the award-winning blog Melanin Base Camp, and Caleb Hurting, CEO of Camp spot, provide some helpful tips and hints to help you avoid beginner mistakes. No matter which travel camping option you decide to try first.


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Technology is one of the most useful ways to help travelers plan their ideal vacation. With over 100,000 campsites, Camp spot makes it easy to find the facilities. You are looking for within a budget that suits you in 47 states. And Ontario, Canada. Whether you’re looking for a campground with a lake, an air-conditioned cabin. A camping experience, or want to camp, you can build your ideal experience with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you are a camper with a disability. There are also filters that, according to Camp spot CEO Caleb Hurting, can help anyone with a disability find the best campsites and design for their needs. “Most campgrounds are require by law to have ADA accessible sites and cabins. And you can search for them on our site,” he said.


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Life in the great outdoors has not always been safe for black people to explore due to Jim Crow laws that kept even national parks. And other outdoor spaces separate. With the help of founders like Danielle Williams, who is an avid hiker, and the mastermind behind the online platforms and Melanin Base Camp. The doors to the great outdoors are opening. “It’s not accidental. It’s not cultural. We was deliberately kept out of this space,” Williams said. She shares that her reason for creating specific hashtags and platforms was logistics. “The reason for starting Melanin Base Camp was to create a community to find other people like me who enjoyed the outdoors. No matter what their outdoor activity was,” shared Williams.